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Jun 25, 2017

After all the Ice caps melted, the world flooded and wiped out nations. Those who survived the flooding adapted to life on a world made up entirely of water. The post-apocalyptic people face many difficult situations daily, Smokers (Pirates) are a dangerous clan who live off the free people like parasites. The free people live off the traders who come and go through the floating city, and the traders live off bartering and scavenging.

Test your survival skills in Waterworld, prove you can keep your balance against the odds. It's a dog eat dog world, only the courageous are successful.

Build 1.1: Bubbles scattered all throughout to give health, speed and a coin so you can both survive underwater for long periods and have a reason to explore the depths. Includes a Mini Mission where you can explore the wreckage of an airplane! Lastly, this build includes fancy Billboards and a few game play tweaks. Stay tuned!