It’s that time of the year, when the monsters and ghouls appear to celebrate the Midnight’s Hallow. With KoGaMa by your side and a bunch of rewards and and a contest, we’re making sure that this spooky time will be a treat for you all!

Midnight’s Hallow lasts from October 18 - November 1.

Midnight’s Hallow launches today and we bring you:

  • A contest with a chance to win awesome prizes!
  • Limited Midnight’s Hallow Accessory
  • Brand new Midnight’s Hallow theme
  • Limited Midnight’s Hallow Badge

Learn more about these below!

The contest

An avatar contest launches today! This is your chance to piece together a creative Midnight’s Hallow avatar, and enter the contest to win gold rewards!

The deadline for entering the contest is November 1.

Read the full description of the contest here:

Midnight's Hallow Limited Accessory

During Midnight’s Hallow a new particle accessory has found its way into the shop. Check out this accessory which will be available for purchase until November 1.

Get your spooks on!

New Spooky Theme

Spook up your game with this brand new Midnight’s Hallow theme!

Midnight's Hallow Limited Badge

Claim this brand new, spooky badge which can be claimed only during the Midnight’s Hallow event!

Use the coupon code: MidnightsHallow2018

You can enter the coupon code by going to settings on the KoGaMa page, and then click on ‘Coupon Code’.

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We’d like to express a huge thanks to Dede for creating the cover image for this news post. It’s a really awesome creation, and we really appreciate it!!

We wish you a happy Midnight’s Hallow!