Hi KoGaMians,

We are happy to announce that a few new features has been added to the Time Attack Flag. We saw that you enjoyed this type of flag, so we went ahead and added some improvements to it.

About the Time Attack Flag
The Time attack Flag is an individual finish line for each player. This means that the game does not restart globally when a player reaches the finish line. This is great for games like parkour and RPG.

New features added to the Time Attack Flag
The following has been added:

  • A cheerful winning screen appears to the player reaching the flag. To emphasize the triumph of reaching the flag, the player avatar bursts out in a happy dance. Feel the celebration!
  • When dying. the player can choose to start from the last checkpoint or start over completely. If the player chooses to start over, the time is reset. This means that the player can easily start over on a new attempt to beat the highscore.
  • A timer has been added, so that the time of the current attempt can be tracked.

Let us know what you think about this update in the forums: