It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we hope you’ll join us for some holiday cheer!

That’s right - KoGaMa is getting into the holiday spirit with the Frost Festival seasonal event. We’ve stuffed KoGaMa full of festive goods, and arranged a contest for you and your friends. So, check out the goods below!

Model Contest

The Frost Festival fanart contest has already kicked off. Create your best fanart and get a chance to win 2000 gold!

Click here for the full contest post.

Limited Accessory

Frost Festival brings a new accessory to the shop. Check out this accessory which will be available for purchase until January 2.

Claim the badge, and show that you participated in this event!

Limited Badge

Claim this brand new badge which can be claimed only during the Frost Festival event!

Use the coupon code: FrostFestival2018

You can enter the coupon code by going to settings on the KoGaMa page, and then click on ‘Coupon Code’

New Magical Theme

Add a magical feel to your game with this brand new Frost Festival theme!

Hope you all have a wonderful Frost Festival! <3