Hi KoGaMians

It's time for a Community Roundup where we take a look back at the marvelous and awesome creations by the community. Check these out!

Community Content Roundup

Check out these creations by community content creators

Tetrider Tetrider

† Chary †

I hope you enjoyed seeing these creations as much as we do. It's always a thrill to watch these amazing creations of art, video and imagination that KoGaMa players share with us. We'll be back next week with another Community Roundup.

Want a chance for your content to be featured?

If you're making art and drawings, please consider sharing your photo on your Instagram profile with the hashtag #kogamaphoto, or send your creation to contentcreator@kogama.zendesk.com. We will feature our favorite photos on the official Instagram profile and our office walls.

Want to join the Content Creator program?

As a youtuber or or twitch streamer, you can join our Content Creator program. It’s a program where content creators can collaborate with KoGaMa staff.

We help you with the following:

  • Promote your videos throughout our social media
  • Give you news about updates ahead of everyone else
  • Assigning you the ‘Content creator’ role in our Discord server which gives access to exclusive KoGaMate channels
  • Give feedback on your videos

There are mainly three types of videos that we look for:

  • Let's Play - The youtuber plays and talks
  • Tutorials - Voice is a bonus but not required
  • KoGaMa related speed art - with music

If you want to be part of the KoGaMa Content Creator program, send an application to contentcreator@kogama.zendesk.com. Applications must be in English.