Hi KoGaMians

Today, we’re excited to announce the Big is Great update! BiG will simply take avatars to the next level.

This BiG update will make the head size of all avatars 5 times bigger. The player will not only look more cute in-game, but all parkouring will be more challenging with such a giant head to maneuver! Even doors will need to be bigger.

We listened to you guys, the community, and we know that the BiG update is what you’ve been waiting for.

Get Early Access to the Update

To get early access to BiG and apply it to your account, you have to use the Coupon Code: BigisGreat

You can enter the coupon code by going to settings on the KoGaMa page, and then click on ‘Coupon Code’.

BiG will be applied to all accounts and avatars in a few weeks.