Hi KoGaMians!

We’re bringing a new update: Game Tiers!

Game Tiers is a new system which allows saving your progress per game.

Key features

  • Collect Crystals
  • Unlock Game Tiers and rewards
  • Climb the Crystal High Score

Unique in each game
All these features are unique to each game. Unlocking Game Tiers in a Game Tier in a specific game won't unlock a Game Tier in another game. You can therefore choose to fight your way to the top of the Crystal High Score and make a name for yourself in your favorite games.

Progress Saved Across Sessions
Your Game Tiers or your High Score position won't be reset upon leaving a game. Connect to a game and resume where you left off!

Active Game Tiers
Game Creators can activate Game Tiers in Build Mode. First place some Crystals which can get for free in your Build Mode Shop. Then click on the blue Game Tier icon. Voila!

Try Game Tiers Here