Hello Kogamians!

What do you think of these highlights? Congratulation to the winners!

Game of the Week

Blitzgrutel's PVP Arena


Model of the week

Medieval House

Created by: 永遠の暗闇 Kurashiro

Avatar of the week

Dark Prince (Clash Royale)

Created by: AndreX Pro Gamer

KoGaMa Community News

We are looking for awesome highlights from the community. The models and avatars doesn't have to be detailed, and the games doesn't have to be large. We are also looking for creations that show creativity and offer fun experiences. Everyone can participate! We are highlighting our favorites! We are looking forward to see your creations :-)

Email YouTube videos, model, avatar or game suggestions to cm@kogama.com

Winners will receive a cool badge to show off!

Keep rocking!

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