Hi everyone. It’s time for a new Builder Spotlight, and this time the focus is on Dede. Many of you may already know him, and most of you have likely played his game, -F1- Monte Carlo Grand Prix|Monaco, one of many awesome games, Dede has created. On top of being an experienced builder, Dede is also a Discord Moderator, a dedicated translator and proofreader of texts and news around the whole KoGaMa platform, and last but not least, he is known for being an incredibly helpful and approachable guy.

In this interview, Dede tells us about himself as well as offers tips on how to become a game builder in KoGaMa.

Game Info

Game: -F1- Monte Carlo Grand Prix|Monaco
Total Game Tier Earnings: 4.539 Gold
Builders: _-Dede-_, Alm1v_, Dmitry 2015, Eisenbahn, Equalizer2006 and Junior Lopes

Lots of cool details like this car statue

1. Tell us about yourself. What games are you currently playing?

I started playing online games when I was 8 years old. I used to play many games from Click Jogos when I was younger. Now, I enjoy playing games like Portal (1 and 2), Saints Row, Garry's Mod, Hurtworld and Euro and American Truck Simulator. But these games require a lot of time and now I'm more focused on studying because it's my last year at school, then I'm currently only playing KoGaMa and Rocket League.

The Room Where Players Start the Game

2. How long have you created games in KoGaMa, and what brought you to the KoGaMa platform?

I joined KoGaMa on August 21, 2013, in the Brazilian server and played as a Tourist for two days and created my account because I wanted to create games. I used to play on a Brazilian games platform called Click Jogos (it basically works like kizi.com), then I discovered KoGaMa and got fascinated so far.

Since then, I created many games on the BR server, my favorite ones are: Triple Dose Fun (This game is basically a park, where you have many things to do. I made it back in 2014. My roller coaster game inspired many games on the Live server, such as Luna Park, etc.), Experimental Lab, Build Your Base, PvP-Exelartatoriedade (In honour to Exelaratore), Russian World Cup Stadium, Jailbreak, Prison Life, Survival Craft (one of my biggest games) and Kogama Circus. Some of these games I brought from Roblox.

Location halfway through the track

3. What got you into creating games on KoGaMa? Was there a game or experience that really motivated you to get out there and start making your own games?

When I started playing as a Tourist, I got so fascinated with KoGaMa's mechanics and wanted to create a lot of games because I had a bunch of ideas in my mind.

First, I created some parkour games, race and cube-gun games (they are trash :P) but the users never like it. When I discovered the Highlights, it was so hard to win (especially if you wanted to win with a game), but I was motivated to achieve it. In December, 2014 I had a creative idea of making a circus game because when I was younger I really liked to go to the circus. But after I published it, it didn't get featured on first page and I got so sad, but I never gave up.

I used to publish it again and again every single day and nothing happened. However, one day I noticed that KoGaMa's servers were down and I thought it was my chance! So I started refreshing the page until the servers get up again. The games were completely empty, I published it and joined as fast as I could, it got featured on the first page for weeks and I won my first game of the week, the #30 (on BR server) :D

Kolex and MaDonald's

4. Your game, -F1- Monte Carlo Grand Prix|Monaco, is incredible in terms of detail. How do you create such a believable environment?

Thank you! Firstly, I enjoyed F1 when I was younger, but I stopped watching it around 2009, and 10 years later I decided to follow it again. Monte Carlo's Grand Prix is considered one of the most iconic and classic tracks of F1. To build this game, I needed to get many images from Google and Google Maps Street View. I tried to bring the same buildings around the real track to my game.

I was running against the time to publish this game because Monaco's GP was coming. At least I published it exactly when the race finished xD

Pitstop for those who unlocked Game Tiers

5. Using Logic Cubes, you also come up with smart solutions. For example, you made a finish line appear after three laps. You also made a countdown that makes every driver start at the same time. Even a super cool spectator mode. What is your approach to inventing these creative solutions?

When I started building the track/scenery I also thought about how I could do all the system and I always tried to improve my ideas before making it. About the finish line, I calculated some specifications that I won't tell here because people will exploit it :P. I also used some small cube models to block the cars before the start of a race, when the green flag appears the logic cubes must disable these cubes. About the spectator mode, I already used it on other games and I pinned then on main turns.

A countdown with lights and audio

6. Members of your F1 game are Alm1v_, Dmitry 2015, Eisenbahn, Equalizer2006 and Junior Lopes - how have they contributed to making the game?

Alm1v_ helped me a lot, he made the track stripes and supported me with the spectator mode, mountains and scenery building and Spanish translations. Dmitry 2015 joined and improved my logic systems, he also made the information board logic and made French and Russian translations. Eisenbahn (also known as Salgado or TheZombie in BR server) is a very old friend, he helps me in every game and model that I build, he helped building the mountains, the hovercraft and he is the official bug finder of all my games. Equalizer2006 is a guy that I met on KoGaMa Discord Server (btw join us: discord.gg/kogama :P), he is a nice builder and helped me making the mountains, some street stripes and scenery building. Junior Lopes joined us after we win the Game of the Week in order to help me with an "anti-cheat" system, but we decided not to do it because it wouldn't be 100% accurate and would cause more lag to the game.

All members helped to make the team logo. I credited them all and others translators in the game. The game is available in English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Russian.

There are beautiful locations to check out

8. Has KoGaMa changed your life outside of gaming?

Yes, KoGaMa helped me to avoid thinking about sad things in hard moments of my life, I also acquired facility with architecture, improved my English and learned how to manage communities by moderating the KoGaMa Discord Server

9. Do you have any advice for people who are interested in creating games on KoGaMa?

Firstly you need some inspiration for a game, you need to organize and plan every part of the game. Remember that patience is key, never give up on your games. Don't worry if your game don't get popular, always try to be creative.

I never gave up, since 2013 my main objective was to win a single Highlight, now I have won 10 games of the week (7 as owner in BR server and 1 as member / 1 as member in Friends server / 1 as owner in Live server), 4 models of the week (3 in BR and 1 in Live) and 1 avatar of the week (in BR)

Some tricky corners

10. Are there any updates or projects you’d like to let the community know about?

Yes! Since I moved from BR server to WWW, I'm planning to make a new game. This game will have progression and many missions. I won't tell now, but the main character is known for saving the Earth and humanity from tons of garbage. Can you guess who is it?

A collage of Dede's many games

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