The Curse of the Spirits event starts from today with the launch of a model contest! This is your chance to build a creative model, and submit it to win prizes!


Three winners per position will be picked, and they’ll be rewarded with:

First place:
10000 gold cubes.
Second place:
2500 gold cubes.
Third place:
1000 gold cubes.

All the winners will also receive an exclusive badge and 1 month free Elite subscription.


Submit your model page URL to the Curse of the Spirits event formulary in order to participate.


We will be judging each submission based on three different criterias:


How well does your model represent the Curse of the Spirits?


Is your model original?


How unique and imaginative is your model?

You can submit only one model to the contest. The model should be published between October 11th and October 25th, 2020. The deadline to submit is October 25th. Once the contest ends there will be a voting period, and a total of nine winners will ultimately be determined by a panel of KoGaMa judges and Moderators of the KoGaMa Discord Server. Winners will be announced on October 30th.

Good luck, and may the most creative models win!