Greetings, KoGaMians!
The time has come to reveal the winners of the Summer 2021 Badge Drawing Contest! The goal of the contest was to produce the best badge design that resembled the spirit of Summer in a KoGaMa style.

A lot of impressive productions have been received from this awesome community. We are delighted to see such astounding activity!

Congratulations to the winners! The prizes will be awarded to their accounts.

Check them out below!


Created by: Mr.e.
With a total score of 3.8875, Mr.e was able to take first place with their production. Take more than a glance to pay attention to Blockboy's fantastic sand castle, forged with the help of a Cube Gun! Very well done for coming first place!


Created by: Sonikku Karafuto.
With a total score of 3.8078125, Sonikku Karafuto was able to take second place with their production. This is a strikingly vibrant and radiant composition of Blockboy enjoying his drink under captivating palm trees which provide him with shade! Good job on establishing a second place victory!


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Created by: Aligator_64.
With a total score of 3.6095281, Aligator_64 was able to take third place with their production. As lively as it is unique! Out of all the surfboards present on the beach, this one definitely deserves the spotlight! Congratulations for placing third!

Summer 2021 Badge

As promised, we’ve taken into consideration some of the things that we liked the most from these winners, and have put them all together in one single design.
Here's the result! We hope you like it. :)

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You can get this badge by redeeming the coupon code Summer2021 right here.

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Once again, thank you for sharing your incredible drawing skills with us! We wish you all a warm and happy Summer!