Parkour Speedrun Competition

From October 11st to October 16th, 2021

Participants will have to record themselves completing this parkour game in the shortest possible time.


- The video can’t:
Contain any post-production effect other than music in the background.
- The video must:
Contain the 3 minutes prior to your best run.


The users with the 6 best shortest times will be awarded with:

1st and 2nd places:
8545 gold cubes + SpeedRun Gold badge + 3 months free Elite subscription.
3rd and 4th places:
6836 gold cubes + SpeedRun Silver badge + 1 month free Elite subscription.
5th and 6th places:
5127 gold cubes + SpeedRun Bronze badge + 1 month free Elite subscription.


Once you’ve recorded your best run, upload the video to YouTube using the tag #KoGaMaSpeedrunCompetition2021.
Make sure to leave a link to your KoGaMa account in your video’s description, only one account per participant will be accepted! That’ll let us know exactly which account you’d like to be awarded on and on which server you would preferably like your submission to be entered in, either the WWW server or Br server.

Note: To avoid playing with other players, you can write ?local=1 at the end of the game’s link and change the language of KoGaMa website to any other language through the settings menu. This way you’ll be able to join a "private" server of the game!

Additional Information

All dates will be managed in GMT.
Winners will be revealed on October 18th, 2021.

Good luck, and see you in a few days for the winners reveal!