Hello, KoGaMians!

As we recently released our Vehicle Energy feature (And if you missed this announcement, you can read about it here), we figured: What better way of putting it (and you) to the test than by making a contest out of it?!


Simply put: We’d like you to create a short game that uses the Vehicle Energy feature in some way!

Maybe you want to build a race track. Or maybe you have to reach a destination and can only get there by feeding carrots to a horse. Maybe you want to try out bowling with the hamster ball, but you need to build up enough speed to score a strike? Whatever it is you choose to do, go nuts!


1st Place: 1000 GOLD + Vehicle Energy Badge + 1st Place Badge

2nd Place: 500 GOLD + Vehicle Energy Badge + 2nd Place Badge

3rd Place: 250 GOLD + Vehicle Energy Badge + 3rd Place Badge

In addition, the winners plus some honorable mentions will find their games pinned on the front page!


  • Only one submission per user
  • Teams are allowed, but only a maximum of 3 people per team is permitted
  • Only new games are allowed
  • You must submit your game in the below form for it to count as a contest entry
  • The games must be submitted between February 27th and March 5th (Time Zone: GMT+00 London) - We won’t accept any entries submitted before or after these dates.

How To Enter

Submit the URL for your game in this form.


We’ll select our winners based on the following criteria:


How original is your game?


How creatively have you used the Vehicle Energy feature?

After the final deadline, the panel of KoGaMa judges will decide on our lucky winners, and they’ll be announced on March 20th.

Good luck, everyone! Zoom, zoom!