Hello, everyone!

We’ve just had a new release:

New Door: Sliding Door

You now have access to a new door model that was teased - The Sliding Door! As the name implies, it slides to the side instead of behaving like it’s on a hinge like the wooden door. Otherwise, it functions in the same way.

Bigger Door Editing Area

Speaking of the doors: We’ve increased the size of the editing area, so now, you can create bigger doors!

Standalone Edition: Resizable Window

In the standalone version, the window is now resizable!

Bug Fixes

This release also includes fixes for some various bugs:

  • Clicking the node on the doors shouldn’t cause issues anymore
  • You don’t have to reload the editor after toggling the user interactivity on the doors to activate it anymore
  • You should now be able to change the movement speed on the platform blueprint without any issues on all platforms
  • You no longer get stuck after pressing Tab in the Class menu
  • There used to be a speech bubble icon hanging in the air when somebody was about to enter a game - This should no longer be the case

We hope you enjoy this new release!