Hello, everyone!

We recently had a new release:

New Door Model: Trap Door

This time, it’s the Trap Door! This one opens on a hinge like the regular door, but instead of opening horizontally, the trap door opens vertically! And, of course, you can toggle in the Settings whether it opens upwards or downwards. Aside from that, it works the same way as the other door models.

Merge: Inventory & Shop

You may have noticed that the Shop icon in the Build Mode is gone. This is because it’s actually been merged with the standard Inventory! Now, any Premium Models, Pickups, Blueprints and Logic Blocks that you don’t own will be visible in the Inventory with a lock symbol on it.

Buying them works in the same way as in the old Shop: Just click on the thing you wish to buy and click on the Green Button with the Gold symbol on it - If you have enough Gold, the lock symbol should disappear.

Bug Fixes

  • There shouldn’t be any more issues with interacting with Doors who are open when a game session begins

  • Toggling the direction a Door opens in shouldn’t cause the Door to make a full 360-degree rotation if “Begin Open” is active anymore

We hope you enjoy this new release!