Hello, KoGaMians!

Summer is here (At least for countries in the Northern hemisphere), and that means long, bright and warm days, greenery all around and frozen treats to cool you down…

And it also means a long-requested contest theme for you all!

That’s right - It’s been two years, but we’re finally bringing back the Badge Design Contest!

Theme: Ice Cream/Popsicles!

This time, we’d like for your badge to include ice cream or popsicles in some form or fashion! You are free to create the badge however you please, be it drawn by hand, made in some image-editing software or even a rendered 3D model, if you so wish.


  • Only one submission per user
  • No teams
  • If you draw it by hand: Make sure that the badge design is within 15 x 15 cm
  • If you’re creating it digitally: Make sure that the badge design is within 512 x 512 pixels
  • The badge design must be uploaded in our Discord server’s #kogallery channel, necessarily with the designated Contest Entry tag, between June 7th & June 23rd (Time Zone: GMT+00 London) - We won’t accept submissions from other sources


1st Place: 5 000 Gold + 1st Place Badge

2nd Place: 3 000 Gold + 2nd Place Badge

3rd Place: 1 000 Gold + 3rd Place Badge

The 1st Place Winner, of course, gets their design turned into a badge, but the other winners get the possibility of getting an element from their designs incorporated into the final design, too!

How To Enter

Once you’ve completed your badge design, post it in the #kogallery channel on KoGaMa’s Discord server with the Contest Entry tag, and include a link to your KoGaMa account with your submission.

NOTE: You must be at least 13 years old to have a Discord account.


We’ll be judging the badge designs based on the following criteria:


How well does the badge represent the theme?


How original is your badge?


How creative is your badge?

The winners will be announced on July 3rd.

Good luck, everyone! Happy summer!