Hello, KoGaMians!

Today, we’re very excited to bring you this feature in Early Access for Elite users: Customizable Melee Weapons! This feature will also be made available to everyone at a later date!

That’s right: Now, you have the option to edit the Sword pickup, which is now called Melee Weapon! After you’ve placed it out in your world, just right-click it and click on Edit Model. Ska-rmavbild-2023-08-04-kl-15-57-58

From there, editing it works the same way as creating new models does. Ska-rmavbild-2023-08-04-kl-15-58-30

So, let your imagination run wild! Do you want the Players to swing around a battle hammer rather than a sword? Or how about a loaf of bread or a fish? The choice is now yours!

Not only that, but you can now also change a melee weapon’s Settings! Just right-click the weapon and select Settings to get started.

From there, you can change the weapon’s name, adjust everything from the recoil to the amount of damage it does, change the sound effect and even the color of the Motion Trail and Hit Effect! Ska-rmavbild-2023-08-04-kl-16-00-26

We hope you enjoy it, stay tuned for further features!