Hey there, KoGaMians!

Today, we’re excited to announce yet another new feature: A new Pickup called Costumes! This new pickup will let a Player, in essence, equip a Model which will replace their character model. This will let you create Prop Hunt-style games, or maybe you just want Players to be able to change their appearance without using Classes. (Perhaps for a game where you go trick-or-treating?)

You can find this new pickup in the Pickups category; It looks like a cardboard box. Click on it to place it out in the world.


To change its appearance, right-click it and click Edit Model.



Not only that, you can also change the Costume’s Settings! You can rename the Costume, adjust the Health and Movement Speed and toggle the Collision, Player Avatar Visibility and Motion Trail Effects.



PLEASE NOTE: You can’t have a Weapon equipped at the same time as a Costume unless you’re riding a Vehicle.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, stay tuned for more updates!