Hey there, KoGaMians!

This year, we have received a lot of wonderful creations from the community and we've highlighted our favorites.

As a form of gratitude to these players, the HotW Committee has decided to do something special. They have picked the best 3 creations from each category (Game / Model / Avatar) from all of our creations highlighted this year to win the 2023 Editor's Choice Edition.

Without further ado, this were our favorites this year:

Best Games of The Year

Creepy - Packstman

Time Rift - Parkour


Best Models of The Year



Room In Hogsmeade

Best Avatars of The Year

Puss In Boots

Armor Of God [DS]

_ Aatrox _

Congratulations to everyone who won these awards! And we're looking forward for your awesome creations next year!

And finally, a special thanks to all members of the Highlights Of The Week Committee: - HDB - _ Mr.e _ Aleezy Boxin Gibe GoldWam Joao.H.T karell. Shadow TheNoobPro44 Zoni321