Hi Kogamians, 

What do you think of these highlights?
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Model of the week:
Crane with a rock- http://www.kogama.com/profile/707488/marketplace/model/373783/
Made by: craot

Project of the week:
Star wars land speeder http://www.kogama.com/games/profile/76116/
Star wars pod racing madness!
Made by: Körf---blockboy----DC-gubben pettsonThe_Epic_Chomp

Avatar of the week:
Beautifull Kelly : KellySeaHeart

Kogama’s team tries to find all the super cool and special highlights from our community, and we always hope to find the next cool thing in YOUR Kogama world.

We are constantly searching for highlights, though these might not necessarily be the best or most beautiful creations in the Kogamaverse.

We hope this has impressed you, and remember to keep striving for greatness - you could be next! 

Big hug to everyone for making Kogama awesome!