Greetings KoGaMians!

We’re sorry to admit that cheating and hacking has been used in KoGaMa for some time. This was never allowed, but it has often been without consequence. In the past weeks we have focused on hacking and cheating. 

We believe that hacking and cheating in any shape or form is harmful to the community. Hacking is a major cause of annoyance. It gives a few players an unfair advantage over others. Hacks create many useless bugs which require our attention. It takes time from the game development. 

We have created a new anti-hack system. Soon we will permanently ban people who use hacks and cheats. 

All hackers out there — please stop hacking. We don’t enjoy banning players. 

We want to spend our time on creating cool things for KoGaMa and the community!

- KoGaMa