1st prize: 10,000 gold PLUS a YouTube gold badge

With 714 views Santeripe

2nd prize: 5,000 gold PLUS a YouTube silver badge

With 559 views Dominus Aethus

3rd prize 2,500 gold PLUS a YouTube bronze badge

A super creative movie about Kogama by Esbenmine and _ Guido _!

Some more cool videos to watch:

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kogama contest music video by chelbs star

The Squid Army Vs. The Sky Army (Kogama Contest) by squidward kogama

KOGAMA : Contest by GameRevolution Weblta  

Kogama Contest: Best online mutliplayer game! by Samuel Johnson  

Kogama Trailer - Kogama Contest by Chester TWIX  

Kogama contest by Dan Coconut   

A big thanks to you guys and everyone else that made videos!

Please congratulate the winners and happy KoGaming!

The KoGaMa team