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Officiel Membre of Kogama.

http://prntscr .com/ie7zlx /|\ Screenshot With Skinke And Me in kogama friend [13/02/2018]

( EG ) :
♪♪ Call Me Brother, Im not your father, im only better, then your slower, make it faster, tell me, get some clothers. ♪♪
( FR ) : (another version).
♪♪ - ta vie,c de construire,battir,ou detruire,rien saire de courir,mieux vaux ecrire,sourir,mes avant,faut avertir. ♪♪
♪♪ - Message a ta bien aimais,qui ta jamais abondonné,la paix,la prosterniter,c un reve,qui devien realité..... ♥️ ♪♪
♪♪ La verité va te ramenez,loin ou tu croyais,tes amis,ta familles,perde confiance de ta générosité. ♪♪

Twitter : https://twitter .com/jakethepro1

YT : https://www. youtube .com/channel/UCx5wIWoDCl9NZzVVAcmN8QA?view_as=subscriber

Instagram! : https://www .instagram .com/actikek/ [Actikek]

I Present My Self :

Hey!,Welcome to my Profil!,Im Aymen And Im 12 Years Old !,Im a Player in kogama !,I played kogama 4 years ! and soon i will be 5!.
-Btw,My Mission is to progress in kogama and be the best or not !,Make Avatars and Games With My Friends And My Brother !
-I want to everyone enjoy that game like roblox or other games in the world!
cause kogama is a creative game when you can creat your own world! Own Avatar ! Own Life.... :)

If You Want help Or What to do in kogama it easy :)

Kogama It A Game Play,Create,Share,Get Friends And Speak With him.

Kogama it a creative game with alote of people Invite to friend
And Share Multi Game With Role and We Have Got A Moderator for Help You If You Need Help Like :
Daniel Everland
[New Mode] AdmiralFjong
Or You Can Find Another Player Here name is : CaptainJens

If your new,Invite he to your friend and see what you gonna say to he,He probably help you in a moment and see if your report in http://kogama . freeforums . net/ He See what you gonna say in kogama for help the community
In Kogama you can get Some badge Like Here the Codes :
Monkey ==> Banana
Fish ==> Fish
Android ==> Android
And In A Evenement in kogama on christmas or halloween we can get badge of the year like :
Halloween 2017 [if your in 2018 there is the next badge]
Halloween 2018 (But The Halloween2017 has been expired]

Btw! You Can See In Your profil your :
Gold [example : 31]
Xp [Exeperience Power]
Level [With your Xp You Can Reach Level But It hard (you can go intro a game for get Xp!]
Comments [Speak With Friends All The Moment]
Private Comments [Speak With your friend you and he/she]

There Are The Tutorial Of Kogama ! :D

Name : Aymen
Family Name : ....
Age : 1 to 100
Country : France

So Many Best friends! I Love u Guys <3 :))))

Have A Nice Days And A Nice Games!

Well...That all! I hope ur adventure will never end in this beautiful world!

Bye !