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Joined KoGaMa on Nov 26, 2016

b-day dec 12 2007
gf Foxawesome15
Interresting stuff bout me: ima in cub scouts and i do swim pratice
bf none (i a boy)
Fave animal: my dogs dory and maisy
if u wanna choose me as a friend....... good choice!
heres introduction to im the purple guy
hello,hello? um,this is just a frindly reminder about our company pocily regarding the saferoom. at no point should any coustoumer enter the saferoom.
manadgement has also been aware that the spring animatronic has noticbelay moved. that song is good watch it. evan C.
so i back heres more
cube gun 98%
mostly nice can get REALLY angry
heres the friend i want:
nice caring
never betrays me
stands up with me
thats pretty simple, right?
so lets get on with it

house adress: UNKNOWN (duh!)
im not a sports freak and im not a rerd so im knda inbetwean
evil: 12%
bye. i mean it. :)