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Joined KoGaMa on Jan 24, 2017

Call me Hyper, Please...
-I normally dont accept friend request from randoms :)-

Favorite Color(s):Green,Black,Blue
Girl friend : Nobody :/ (They ask you how you are and you just have to say your fine when your not really fine but you just cant get into it because they would never understand :'C)
Best friends: _CHILLING_ , 13 kitten , Xx_Black_Glittery_Unicorn_ x X , kwie panda , Xx Tongan Gang x X , ღ-Dove-ღ
If your not on here, your still my friend.
Brother: -THUG-
Sister: None :/ (at least not online)

Favorite Song: T w I s T e D by MISSO.
Most Favorited music: Techno & Hardcore stuff.

Favorite sayings from my RanDom mind: We're all human . Stupid IDIOT
My roasts: Go die in a corner dumbass' ; Go away BiTcH ; Idiotic FuCk'

Me dicen que no puedo hacer nada. ¡Pues mírame levantarme!


También, THUG, si decides darme la espalda otra vez ... Será un mal momento. Entonces, si eres inteligente, lo entenderías :-)

Todos ustedes idiotas que odian a mis amigos pueden morir en un agujero :)

¡No tengo novia! Soy un soltero! No salgas conmigo. Soy LONLEY PARA SIEMPRE !!!
Ok idiotas! Si no puedes leer en español usa el traductor!
(Okay idiots! If you can't read in spanish use the translator!)
(Sucks to be you if you can read in spanish/japanese!)