Daksh e@ Black

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Joined KoGaMa on Feb 8, 2017

1st May~ -
24 may~ ^^
I accept Only~

I wont Accept you Back if you unfriend me or i unfriend you
or If it was a mistake i can accept it back.
name - Daksh
Age- ?????
Height - 6.2-6.5
Sexuality - Straight
KogAmA Friends Server - https://friends.kogama.com/profile/317431/
Favorite -
games - KoGaMa , Sand Box Type , MineCraft, Any Game that include Simulator With SANDBOX And War.
Youtubers - DanTDM , Pewdiepie , T-series (because why not?) Mr Beast (and mr beast gaming) , Skeppy , Jelly , BaronVon Gamer ( i love gamers XD) , Jelly , BlackPlasma Studios and Gray Still Plays
Food - Egg Sandwich XD and some roasted chili chickens Burgers and ofcourse the best PIZZAAAAAAA (any they all are best :>)
Drinks - Coffee And Tea And chocolate Milk Shake
I Love Friending People Who's Nature is
- Kind
- Crazy
and more idk
Phobia I Have -
Do i really need to write all my best friends? no need check my friend list and xp and level leaderboard and stuff above this bio.
Only 3!
Zander vetran
KogamA Legend (hes not legend he is dumb kogama PlAYER XD
Sammy Wolf and someone also name sammy boy
no Going to there profile to spam hate :>.
Done. Send me a friend request with a great reason
or your builder i am gonna accept you.