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Joined KoGaMa on Feb 9, 2017

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A few words about me, Im from Poland and Im 16 years old. My name is Patrick.
I became KoGaMa player in 2014. My account suggests Im from 2017 but believe me or not, Im quite an old player KoGaMa. My first account is Jebeusz. He suggests that I am from 2015, but you will know more stories soon.

In 2014, I tried to be popular, and it happened. At that time, I had a 42 level account, which was initially banned and then removed from the KoGaMa platform. After this incident, I decided to leave for a while. At that time, Comunnity has developed a lot, a lot of wonderful people have arisen. One of such people was, for example: HDB, thanks to him I wanted to make better and better skins, btw I offered one suggestion for the skin he made.
Unfortunately, some of them have to leave at some point because they have a job or a family. Im going to leave later this year. But if I have time, I will try to help my friends and build new projects myself. If you are a fan or have seen this profile by accident, I suggest you read the full description of this account and then start criticizing me.
I must praise it, but it is thanks to me that Polish Comunnity is what it is. There is always something going on here thanks to me and I hope it will stay that way for the rest of my career!

I hope that what you wanted to know about me, I wrote. I wish you have fun!