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Joined KoGaMa on Jul 17, 2014

Hi! I'm KOGGOM. Ehh.. idk what to write so I will just...

-I've got my own scale of parkours hardness ( from 1 to 10 ) hardest parkour I played is...

( and I win it in 1h and 21 minutes )

I'm building project called Kog World ( for 3 years xD ) and so I'm looking for people who can help me build them.

There are few things that annoy me in players:
-When you write to someone and he is not answering
-When player says"Yes I will help- but in reality he just ignores it or help but only a few minutes
- and when player joins you to be afk .-.

I accept ONLY good builders. ( Also I always check your profile before accepting to friends )
eee I will just write who are true helpers in my games:
+-Lieuten-Ant-+ ( Main helper )
Blitzgrutel ( Ideas,Models and cloning )
NECROMANCER ( Main helper )
I forgot to tell that I'm otaku ( I watch anime )
To play solo in world add to end of link this- ?local=1