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Joined KoGaMa on May 22, 2017

My favorite cookie is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Achievements (in order):

Model of the Week #226
WR holder of the Christmas Runner game: 14:92
2 models with over 2,000 buys
8 models with over 1,000 buys
16 models with over 100 buys
Most Gold: 8,473+
Level: 33
Loyal member of the IR clan

Want to achieve:

To rule with an iron fist and make all those who appose me to kneel and bow before me and appease me if not they shall perish
Get Aotw.
Get Gotw.

What i look for in a friend:

Builds models or wants to learn how to build models (not mandatory)
Is not mean (mandatory)
Does not beg (mandatory)
likes sports (not mandatory)
Thinks abortion is wrong (mostly mandatory. I'll let it slide)

Hobbies and Foodies:


Good friends of mine (not in order):

cklinee: The most loyal and honest err semi-honest person i know good friend who i would love to meet in real-life!

pahcarata: Quirky, which i like, and adds a little bit of surprise and fun to your day!

raptor firmaX: ARE YOU MY TWIN! You always know what i want when we are building, and you are a great builder and an even better friend.

Soggy Noodle (aka chicken nugget): Whenever you are on you always make my day a little brighter + you are a great builder and it's so much fun to build with you.

L.R.W. : I have only known you for a month but it feels like years, good to know someone who is a good catholic! (P.S. i am never going to learn polish, sorry)

badboyjaden: Wish you were on more V_V but you are good friend to hang out with. I hope to build some models with you in the future!

Pros i know (friends with):

Koga Aldair
Soggy Noodle
Spell Tairen
AdmiralFjong: R.I.P.
Emperor Siegfried

People i hate:

Yunus_Emre _
People who make fun of new people

Personal info i might give in private chat. (like name birthday etc.)

That`s all! Sorry if i forgot your name on one of those lists. Help me think of anything i missed at all!
Love, natecookies
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