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Joined KoGaMa on May 22, 2017

My favorite cookie is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Achievements (in order):

Model of the Week A few times we'll say its 4 since I helped a bunch of people.
3? models with over 2,000 buys
Somewhere between 1-15 models with over 1,000 buys
Who even cares models with over 100 buys
Most Gold: 23,676+
Level: 36
Member of Pixelstudios

Want to achieve:

To rule with an iron fist and make all those who appose me to kneel and bow before me and appease me if not they shall perish
Get Aotw.
Get Gotw.

What I look for in a friend:

Potato (not mandatory)
Cookie (mandatory)
Soggy (mandatory)
Hot dog (not mandatory)
Ragu (mostly mandatory. I'll let it slide)

Hobbies and Foodies:


Good friends of mine (not in order):

They all left...

Pros I know (friends with):

All of them

People I hate:

All of them

Personal info I might give in private chat. (like name birthday etc.)

That`s all! Sorry if I forgot your name on one of those lists. Help me think of anything i missed at all!
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