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✯Hi welcome to my profile✯
✯I hope that after this bio you will finally commit suicide c: I like you c: ❤❤❤

✯ Instagram: Im not gonna give you my private ig but if you wanna im gonna send you my Public ig xdd
✯ FB: I have but im too lazy so im not gonna tell chu :3 xd
✯ Messenger: Why i should tell chu? xdd
✯Bff:All my friends are my BFF in addition to anonymous people
✯ KoGaMa friends: http://friends.kogama.com/profile/235376/
✯My life is pretty boring and how many times I say I have nothing to do here. Even though I think I have a role in the world...
✯I do not accept requests c:
✯My favorite food and candys : nuttella pizza chocolatte
✯Want to know more? Ask me c:
✯follow your dreams ☺♡☆ *^*
✯your Owen QwQ

Yeaah i forget to tell chu Im from Czech Republic <3 Lov ya