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Weather feelin' hot or cold, Stray Kids going fast or slow!

G'day Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate :D

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Name: Only for my best Friends
Age: 12 years
Birthday: 27. 07. 2007 (I know, I have the best Birthday ÙωÚ)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Languages: German, Russian, English, a little bit French
Family: mother, father, big sister, little brother
Girl or boy ?: girl
Favorite game: KoGaMa ^^
Favorite animal: Fennec Fox
Favorite music: Boy with Luv BTS *-* Miroh Stray Kids *-* Hala Hala ATEEZ *-*
Favourite Band: BTS, VIXX, Got7, TXT, Stray Kids... Almost every boygroup I know :D


First let's talk about Stray Kids (currently my favourite group :3)

Bias: I love all, but my Bias is I.N
Bias Wrecker: Everyone ;-;
Favourite Ship: Seungin (Seungmin + Jeongin/I.N)
Favourite Song (-s): Miroh, My Pace, Young Wings, Maze of Memories... Pretty Much :3

Second let's talk about BTS

Bias: Jungkook
Bias Wrecker: V
Favourite Ship: Taekook (Taehyung/V + Jungkook)
Favourite Song (-s): Boy with Luv, Idol, DNA... pretty much :3

Third let's talk about VIXX

Bias: Hyuk
Bias Wrecker: Hongbin
Favourite Ship: I don't know...? xD
Favourite Song (-s): Error, Eternity, Fantasy, Voodoo Doll... pretty much :3

Well I guess it's all

ByeBye :3