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Hai! Wanna know about me? Sure!
Name:Lyanne Reina (call me Lyanne or Reina) if your a Filipino this isn't wrong spelling cause Queen of Japanese is Reina)
Birthday:July, 7,2007
Speaks:Tagalog, English, a little bit Finish..
School:Sophia School (you can search it at Facebook you need to find a logo of Sophia school)
Grade:6 blue (I skip some grade)
Fav animal: I'm a pet lover and a Unicorn lover
Fav game:Kogama,Animal jam,Mobile legends,Gatcha studios,Schoolgirls sim and Yandere sim!
Fav color:a lot
Fav number: 7 Lol
Hobby:Singing,Dancing,Baletting,Baking,Cooking,Playing Guitar,Swimming,Therapy
Dreams:already at hobby but I want to be a flight attendant
Bf:(Xander) (You make me ok let's go out,when I see you moving,oh hey let me out I love you groove like that oh hey could we ask cause in the moon light oh hey I'm just saying if I was your girlfriend!<3)
I have a big brother and a lil sis!<3 (at kogama) I have big Bro and Big sis (real life)
All my friends are my bff that's why I love you guys so much!<3.
Fav music: a lot, most of them are Nighcore ,kpop because of my bffs at school and my bff here too and kdrama too.(me and my big sis always sing if my sis plays a guitar I always sing even her too)
My fav couples!: Alucard x Ruby (Aluby)
Lancelot x Odette Yuno x Yuki Taro x Ayano xBudo
I'm sometimes a Yandere and a Tsundere
Yandere:This little girl is capable of murder cause you hurt her! </3
Tsundere:Its not I like you I like you!
That's all! Stay kawaii, Pro and cool! Byeeeeee guys!<3