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~Hello and welcome on my profile Bio
~I tell you about me information
~Gender:hmm I don't know :D
~Religion:Ofcourse Christian,
joke my religion is Islam ;D
and bit Vodka xD
~Soul color:Blue/White
~Single:Yes gurl,I'm not (TwT)
~Fav color:All but exept pink a bit xD
~Emotional art:
and do nothing ;D
~Talent:Artist maybe?
~Hate:School,fake friends,murder and
I don't know ;_;

~Questions time:
(1)Can I send you friend request?:
Sure but only girls,sorry dudes xD

(2)Can I trust you?:
Ofcourse I'm not
those fake friend :D

(3)Do you know Cartoons and anime?:
Yes I know both of them,btw I'm fan I
like horror games and watching anime xD

(4)Do you know billie eilish and other singers?:
Ofcourse I know her and yeah I know
Micheal jackson,Twenty one pilots,camila,
ariana grande,lady gaga,Bts,Black pink
and I dunno,Oh gosh some of them are bands
but who cares anyway xD

(5)Fav singer/s?:Actually a band,I love rock the
Band name is ''Set it off'' <3

YES boi memes are the best QwQ
End of Questions
[Social media]
~Roblox name:Yukina_snowi
only if you my kogama friend list then
you can send my friends request (T>T)

~Instagram name:Yuki_snow4
Follow me on Insta please!
(Bye B'tches)
Chill that's joke XD