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Joined KoGaMa on Jan 5, 2018

Yo, it's ya boy Cedric here!
I joined KoGaMa on january 5, 2018. (I've previously played KoGaMa on other accounts, but that's not interesting in this bio).
You can call me C.
Birthday: November 30
Favourite food: pizza, spaghetti and much more
Favourite colour: orange
Country: Belgium
Favourite animal(s): cats and cows
Favourite game: KoGaMa
Favourite game in KoGaMa: >WAR 4<
What language i speak (in real life): dutch
Favourite music: Heavy Metal
Best Metalband: Rammstein
Best metalsong: Rammstein - Feuer Frei
2nd best metalsong: Rammstein - Sonne

My father started a band when he was 17, and the band was called Chemical Breath. It is death / thrash metal so I don't really like the music. Why he stopped the band, I don't know exactly.
He was the drummer of the band.
And now im also a drummer!!! :D

He taught me how to play drums when I was 4 years old, and when I was 8 years old, I started taking drum lessons from a teacher.
I wrote this text to avoid all fuckin' gold scams: (Sorry for saying that f-word) XD

Dear players, all the gold things you see are all fake! This is all abuse of players. They use all people as victims for viewing his / her information. 15% of the game stops with KoGaMa because they don't get gold, and 20% of them are angry because they had to make every effort for a fake thing! Copy this to all games and show everyone that we ignore those scams! #SaveKoGaMa!

#SaveKoGaMa! :D
Just friends:

Spell Tairen, Nost-Algia, iCaspy, ღ MαstεR GrεεK ღ, XxGreekGamerxX, AdmiralShadows, Xx -P.O.L.A.C.Z.E.K- xX, .fire_man.,
ღ.sσn gσku.ღ

I have much more friends... But i think you're gonna meet them all!

The best 5 friends i have: ._Thijs_., tiesdopert530, -Andreas-, .-djezvdyk-. And Mathieu van der poel

Just friends (Girls):

poepmelk, giulianoga1234, _-Dina-_, ._-_Cat_-_, .メ δτεfαηια メ.

I have a lot of more female friends. I think you're gonna meet them all!

The best 3 female friends i have: Channah The Kitty, xXOliviaX, _-Desie-_ and -_SnowVL_Nl_-

Top 10 diamond friends and female friends:

1: ._Thijs_. and .-djezvdyk-.
2: NL_gamer
3: Mathieu van der poel
4 -Andreas-
5: bynlD2
6: Channah The Kitty
7: -_SnowVL_Nl_-
8: _-Dina-_ and _-Desie-_
9: gisberto
10: EllaTornado or Ella-NL123 (That's the same person)

The per cent-shit:

Cool 66%

Mad 2%

Happy 29%

Cute 2%

Sad 1%

If you're mean to me, i'll unfriend you.
If you're doing somethin' for me, i'll thank you.
If you send me a frienreq. then you must have a reason why.
Same with a buildreq.
And you have to speak English or Dutch, not other languages.
YT and acc's:

My first YT channel: CedricPlayz 45
My new YT channel: Een Gozerleven
Roblox Acc.: Cedric_YT3
Idk what to say more...

1st: Mαяiσ ραякσυя|30 lvl's [PRESS ❤]
2nd: Sandville City| Beach Updated!
3rd: The Floor Is Lava Mini Parkour! 7 lvl's
4th: >Sonic Parkour<| 10 lvl's (Preview)
5th: - The World of Minigames - (NEW!!!)
(✔= Completed|✘= Not Completed)

Level 1✔
level 2 ✔ (Turtle Badge✔)
level 3 ✔
level 4 ✔
level 5 ✔
level 6 ✔ (Cat Badge✔)
level 7 ✔
level 8 ✔
level 9 ✔
level 10 ✔
level 11 ✔ (Wolf Badge✔)
level 12 ✔
level 13 ✔
level 14 ✔
level 15 ✔
level 16 ✔ (Spider Badge✔)
level 17 ✔
level 18 ✔
level 19 ✔
level 20 ✔
level 21 ✔ (Unicorn Badge✔)
level 22 ✔
level 23 ✔
level 24 ✔
level 25 ✔
level 26 ✔(Ghost Badge✔)
level 27 ✘
level 28 ✘
level 29 ✘
level 30 ✘
level 31 ✘ (Demon Badge✘)
level 32 ✘
level 33 ✘
level 34 ✘
level 35 ✘
level 36 ✘ (Eagle Badge✘)
level 37 ✘
level 38 ✘
level 39 ✘
level 40 ✘
level 41 ✘ (Furious Force Badge✘)
level 42 ✘
level 43 ✘
level 44 ✘
level 45 ✘
The End-Shit:

If you are my friend you can ask me the rest.
(Or if you meet me in a game).
Thanks for reading my bio.
Oh i need to tell ya somethin'
My name is Cedric, not Cedrick or Cedrik,
And uhm... that's it.
Thanks for reading my bio.

Greetings: Cedric