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Joined KoGaMa on Jan 5, 2018

Yo, it's ya boy Cedric here!
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I joined KoGaMa on january 5, 2018. (I've previously played KoGaMa on other accounts, but that's not interesting in this bio).
You can call me C.
I'm a metalhead.
Birthday: November 30
Favourite food: pizza, spaghetti and much more
Favourite colour: orange
Country: Half Belgian, half Sri Lankan
Biggest Nightmares i've ever had in my life: Y L I G, BB
Favourite animal(s): cats and cows
Favourite game: KoGaMa, Roblox, Brawl Stars
Favourite game in KoGaMa: >WAR 4<
How many fans do i have on KoGaMa: 106
What language i speak (in real life): dutch
Favourite musicgenre: Nu Metal
I'm a big fan of: Slipknot
Best metalsong: Slipknot - Unsainted
2nd best metalsong: Slipknot - Solway Firth

My father started a band when he was 17, and the band was called Chemical Breath. It is death / thrash metal so I don't really like the music. Why he stopped the band, I don't know exactly.
He was the drummer of the band.
And now im also a drummer!!! :D

He taught me how to play drums when I was 4 years old, and when I was 8 years old, I started taking drum lessons from a teacher.
I wrote this text to avoid all fuckin' gold scams: (Sorry for saying that f-word) XD

Dear players, all the gold things you see are all fake! This is all abuse of players. They use all people as victims for viewing his / her information. 15% of the game stops with KoGaMa because they don't get gold, and 20% of them are angry because they had to make every effort for a fake thing! Copy this to all games and show everyone that we ignore those scams! #SaveKoGaMa!

#SaveKoGaMa! :D
Just friends:

Spell Tairen, Nost-Algia, iCaspy, ღ MαstεR GrεεK ღ, XxGreekGamerxX, AdmiralShadows, ** -P.O.L.A.C.Z.E.K- xX, .fire_man.,
ღ.sσn gσku.ღ

I have much more friends... But i think you're gonna meet them all!

The best 5 friends i have: ._Thijs_., tiesdopert530, -Andreas-, .-djezvdyk-. And Mathieu van der poel
Just friends (Girls):

poepmelk, giulianoga1234, _-Dina-_, ._-_Cat_-_, .メ δτεfαηια メ.

I have a lot of more female friends. I think you're gonna meet them all!

The best 3 female friends i have: Channah The Kitty, xXOliviaX, _-Desie-_ and -_SnowVL_Nl_-

Top 10 diamond friends and female friends:

1: Moha_on2 Games YT
2: NL_gamer, -Knallo-
3: kickboksgirlhouseaccforluna
4 -Andreas-
5: Moha_on2 Games YT
6: bynlD2, CrazyGamerGuy
7: -_SnowFlake_-
8: -_SnowVL_Nl_-
9: _-Dina-_ and _-Desie-_
10: EllaTornado or Ella-NL123 (That's the same person)

Girlfriend: kickboksgirlhouseaccforluna
Moha_on2 Games YT
ღ MαstεR GrεεK ღ
The per cent-shit:

Cool 66%

Mad 2%

Happy 29%

Cute 2%

Sad 1%
If you're mean to me, i'll unfriend you.
If you're doing somethin' for me, i'll thank you.
If you send me a frienreq. then you must have a reason why.
Same with a buildreq.
And you have to speak English or Dutch, not other languages.
The End-Shit:

If you are my friend you can ask me the rest.
(Or if you meet me in a game).
Thanks for reading my bio.
Oh i need to tell ya somethin'
My name is Cedric, not Cedrick or Cedrik,
And uhm... that's it.
Thanks for reading my bio.

Kind Regards: Cedric
Yo, Cedric hier!
Ik begon met KoGaMa op 5 januari, 2020 (ik heb vroeger nog KoGaMa gespeeld maar op andere accounts, maar dat is niet belangrijk in m'n bio).
Je mag me C noemen.
Ik ben een metalhead.
Verjaardag: 30 november
Lievelingseten: pizza, spaghetti en nog veel meer
Lievelingskleur: Oranje
Nationaliteit: Half Belgisch, half Sri Lankaans
Mijn grootste nachtmerries die ik ooit gehad heb: Y L I G, BB
Lievelingsdier(en): Poesjes, Koeien
Lievelingsspellen: KoGaMa, Roblox, Brawl Stars
Lievelingsspel in KoGaMa: >WAR 4<
Welke taal ik spreek (in het echte leven): Vlaams
Lievelingsmuziek genre: Heavy Metal (Thrash metal, death metal)
Ik ben een grote fan van: Slipknot
Beste metal-liedje: Slipknot - Unsainted
2de beste metal-liedje: Slipknot - Solway Firth

Vriendelijke Groeten: Cedric

I will kill Y L I G

YLIG = あなたの人生はなくなった

You nibba

I will kill BB

BB = ʇɹǝqoq = treboB = 鲍伯特
Als je ruzie met me wilt dan krijg je ruzie en dan zit je dik in de nesten!

Vooral als je met Luna gaat flirten, dat sla ik je hoofd eraf