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Ahoy! This is Zoni321, I'm from Estonia, I joined KoGaMa on ***Jan 14, 2018*** (originally in 2014), and I make cool events in ***KoGaEvents!*** I contribute a lot, such as making good games and keep people entertained! I particularly enjoy building and playing with friends.
On 22/05/2021, I'm selected as a HOTW Committee!

==== Community ====
• Join the Official KoGaMa Discord Server where you can talk with people, make new friends, look to play, get notified of outages, updates and recent news!
**[ discord. gg/kogama ]**

• Join the KoGaEvents Discord Server where we host events for great rewards! (Gold Included!)
**[ discord. gg/2P3jZd5 ]**

==== Accounts ====
- Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCnUUztuSt7NOKqD4WFE53lA
- Discord: Zoni321#0321

==== Need Help? ====
• If you have an issue, need help, or have a question regarding KoGaMa, feel free to contact @modmail#0676 on the KoGaMa Discord Server ***(discord.​gg/kogama)*** which is driven by volunteer Moderators for the Discord Server

• Alternatively, to directly contact the KoGaMa Staff for payment/accounts issues, go to https://www.kogama.com/help/ and click the red button at the bottom right.

==== Miscellaneous ====
***Pssst, ever heard of this Firefox extension called KoGaMa Buddy?***
***https://addons.​mozilla.​org/en-US/firefox/addon/kogama-buddy/,*** ***I highly recommend you to use it to enhance your experience on KoGaMa!***

Have fun on KoGaMa! :haha:

#KoGaEventSquad :sword_yatta:

***How to put a game's thumbnail into your background:***
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(Last Bio Update: 06/05/2021)