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Guys Before Seeing My Bio I Want You To Read This Thing And This Thing Will Help You In Future:

Hello, Guys Today I Am Gonna Tell You Something That None Of The Gamer Or Who Play Gamer Will Never Said This To You To Read This Thing Carefully. A lot Of Us Play Games Like Kogama, Pubg, Fortnight And Lot Of Games They Always Try To Be First In EveryGame And Try To Beat Everyone And Play For About 5-6 Hour Or All Day For Nothing See Non Of You Gonna Be First If We See You All Are Real-Life Last Who Play Games For About Like 6 Hours Or More Because See You Will Get Nothing By PLaying Games I Am Not Saying Don't Play Game Play Games But For Like Maximum Like 2-3 Hour Day Ok And Then Do Some Study Or Do Your Homework Or Go Oudside And Most Importantly Please Spend Your Time With Your Family Ok You Get Life One Time And Even Parent Too Ok To Please Spend With Your Parent Who Love You A Lot See If You Get Chicken Dinner In PubG Or Win A Battle Royale Ok You Win Ok Then What Ha You Play For 2 Hours For Nothing No One Is Gonna Award Or Your Parent Is Not Gonna Say Wow My Child Won Give Him A Treat Ok Xd And I Am Saying It Again Don't PLay Games FOr So Long Only Play For For 2-3 Hour No More!! Ok, Guys To This Was A Great Advice Who Any Gamer Will Give You To I Am Going Bye-Bye :D

My Real Name: Aayaan

Gender: I Am Male A Boy

Age: 13

Religion: Muslim ( Islam )

My Country Home Country: Pakistan ( Karachi )

Where I Am Living: Uk ( London )

My YouTube Channel: AayaanGaming With ( AG Logo )

My Hobbes: Playing Cricket And Squash, Playing Piano And Guitar And Of Course Playing Kogama

My Favorite Colour: Black, Blue, And Green

My Own Game In Kogama: The Killer Game, World War 3, Beautiful Castle And Pvp, The Wedding And KogamaLegand And Zack Best Game

My Favorite Game In Kogama: Adopt My Son And Daughter And Form Your Family

Favorite Animal: Horses, Goat, And Cow ( I Like Farm Animals Xd )

As A Pet: I Love Cat They So Cute^^

The Likes: Dragons, Pegasus And Lion

My Friends: SeekerLegand, Doomslayers, Zack, XxGGXx, Jacob, Alexevangelisti, Benobeno123, Star787, JiyaLahi And Μσση-ςhαη

My Thoughts: I am The Top Ten Best Killer To If You Want To Battle With Me And Want To Win Against Me In Battle To You Can't.

More About Me Like How Am I And More Information About Me:

I Have Black Hair With Brown Eye With A Nose Xd With A Smily Mouth With Cheeky Cheek And With Average And Little Bit High Muscles And With Six Pack Abs Xd And Me I Am Kind But Sometimes I Got Angry But Yea I Am Friendly Person Who Loves Fight Xd

And I Am Clever And I Am Smart And A Peace Guy Who Talk A Lot ( That True Xd ) Who Love His Girlfriend ( Katie ) A Lot And Yea I Love Gaming

There You Go This Is My Thing To I Am Going Bye Guys.