Alice Angel 666

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welcome to my profile. Im Alice as u may know. NOW to tell u about mehself

.Height: 5 foot 4 inches
.Eye color: Dependent (depends on something like my clothing)
.Favorite color: Blue black red
.Favorite song: Paralyzed Weak Little Girl
.Favorite Sport: Karate
.Mostly wears: T-Shirt and Jeans
.BFFS: all my friends
.BF: #SINGLEANDPROUD (means i dont have one)
.Number of brothers: 2
.Number of sisters: 6
.Hobbies: Drawing, Cooking ,Playing Video Games, Watching TV (mostly ANIME), Playing Basketball, Listening to music (mainly depressing if u know me then u know y)
.Favorite Animal: ARCTIC FOX
.Birthday: February 15
.Age: if you want to know ask me in privet chat
.I have a VERY short temper (it sucks)
.favorite food: SUSHI
.favorite drink: Lemonade
.I speck ENGLISH (my main) a little Spanish an im not to fluent in German anymore but im practicing a bit
.Im part American Part German part Indian and part Irsish

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Im telling u nothing

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