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I am KingCreeperx40, I am a HUGE Kunio Kun enthusiast, I love sniping people on any war games, and i am extremely good at parkour, cube gun games, and more things...
If anyone has any ideas on what i should do for a game, please tell me in my profile pages...and i might respond to it...
I also do some build battles, BUT RARELY! I will do them, every day (if and when i get a chance to)
Age 18, finally an adult
status: DATING (finally)
height eh...close to 6 ft tall, about 5" 5', maybe
weight I'd rather not say...that's not your business anyway
Status Do I have to talk to you? Wait of course I do, we're friends.
other LOOK HERE, if you have ANY problems, please tell them to either mays fun gaming, Elijah59835, or
OTHER: partly Irish and other things, but Ii don't care much
some of my favorite things are Transformers, River City Ransom, Nintendo, Mario, Mario Kart, Minecraft, Sleeping, eating, drinking sodas or healthy stuff, my dog Daisy, and other things that i wont bother to put here