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• Im love gir 123

• i ❤luv❤ ya all mah fwends ~ •w•꧁꧂

• Everyone used to ignore me Then i did a Grammer mistake

• gm/gn~ i ❤luv❤ ya all mah kawai potato fwends~

• You Are Never Going To Guess Who My Favourite Cinnamon roll Is (Look at the first two words)

• gn~ i ❤luv❤ ya all mah fwends bye bye see ya all next time~ •w•

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why is "short" longer then "long" and "big" is smaller then "small"?

because short got more letters then long and big less letter then small

gn~~~~ i ❤luv❤ ya all mah kawai fwends see ya all next time~~~~

Name: love gir 123

Nick name's: love or gir

Age: secret only my best friends know(not all since i dont want to share it tbh).

Things i like: to draw sketches normaly, chat with kgm friends(some times) and watching movies? And listening to music(not evry music type tho)

Movies i like : harry potter (all of them?) Marvel(i need to watch a LOT of thor movies tbh xd) sad movies???(only one movie made my cry a little).

Things that i dont like: when some one is annoying,when i tell a person to stop but they annoyme still,when some onr gives me a lot of spamm.

Favourite colors: all of them

Gender: Female (i thought ya all knew xd)

Soicial medias: no?~

Some stuff here like songs or small lyrics bc i got bored:

" Death is like the last page of a book,but there might be as well second part of that book~"

"Dont you remember the girl in white dress?~,but when you looked at her she just faded away~"

"Onec you get pushed down you might get up or drown,in your own tears till your death~"

"I used to remember my mother told me To never regret things,but now that im older~im regreting things because im weak~"




more comming soon...or not?...



Hello This Is My Pet ⎛⎛(••••w••••)⎝⎝ Spider Demon,its a boy,gimme me a name for my spider and thanks for reading.