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Joined KoGaMa on Aug 31, 2014

I join KoGaMa on the 3th august 2014 with my old account : xXMisterXx

【 Info 】

▶ KoGaMa Username: Astro-gamer
▶ Country: France
▶My YouTube Channel :

▶ Real Name: Bruh
▶ Age: 2 years old
▶ Birthday: 5 February
▶Some good friends : .BlackRockShooter./ EmperoRoman / _XxBetaMixX_
▶ My Second Account:

▶ Friends Server Account:

▶ BR Server Account:

▶ Follow me on twitter > https: //twitter. com/ AstroGameKoGaMa

▶ Like my page Facebook > https: //www. facebook. com/ AstroGamerKoGaMa/

Don't forgot to delet the spaces :)

My most popular game is ♠ 2Player favorite player♠ with about 4,000 likes and 200 000 plays.
Badge :
-1M Plays
-Game of the week
-Translator badge
-Fishy Bagde Joe
-Monkey Badge
-Tester Ninja
-Standalone Badge
-Community Badge : ( From Jatsu )

How i get it ? I earn this badge cause i'm an awesome and nice player. I help the developers and community a lot. I help test and report bugs to make the game and website better. I help report hacked and inappropriate content to make the community better. If you're interested in earning this badge too, try to follow my example!

Badge xp :

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