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Joined KoGaMa on May 30, 2018

hi i'm -_sleep_and_eat_-
i don't accept friend requests. but the only way to get me on your friend list is to friend me on friends kogama and ask me to friend you on regular kogama
username's, sleep and eat 567, -_sleep_and_eat_-, .-_cat_-..., -_sleep_and_eat_-
my accounts, '
bass lover 333,
doge the dog -is mip-

friends i dont want to get rid of,

anyone ellse who saves my account or helps me with something major will apper on my friendlist in my bio


i get exited when i hear the word (free gold)

IF you bug me just 1 time i will be ether very angry or very sad!

if you bully me to much i will remove you from my friends

im very nice
the reason i dont't exept friend requsts is because that im very sensitve and you might affend me easyly. and when i say (...) that means you might have affended me

im sorry if this bio affended anyone