Maxwell Domenic

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Joined KoGaMa on Jun 2, 2018



"!!! New Manufacture "CALIBRADER" Will Be Here Very, Very Soon !!!"

(i dont except friend request and game invites, unless u ask)

Voice Reveal:

State in Quote: (I Have Paranoia...)
Your mind is Full of Enemies, The room is filled with INFINITI
That want to take Control, Their all Around You, And Your all Alone
Your mind is Full of Enemies, The room is filled with INFINITI
Haunting Your Soul, Their All Around You, And your on your own...

My Persona: (Scrapped :/)

Yeah, I'm A Furry

Yeah, I'm Gay

Yeah, I'm A Femboy

Yeah, I'm A My Little Pony Fanbai

Yeah, I'm Cyber Goth

My Favorite Car: 2004-2010 Infiniti QX56 (JA60) {5.6 L V8} (aka in my fictional world, its the 2023 Zackio Weltfunk (Unicorn) {5.6 L V20})

Age: 16 (finna be 17 soon)


Hobby: Car Collector, Photoshop Artist, An Artist, 3D Modeling Things That I Like

Real name: Maxwell Raven Sparks Docherty

VRChat: Maxwell Domenic

Facebook: Maxwell Raven Sparks Docherty

Discord: Maxwell Raven Sparks Docherty

Youtube Channel: Donny's X-terra - Topic

KoGaMa Friends: Zackiocyberwolf

Favorite Music Artist:
Apoptygma Berzerk
VNV Nation
Doctor P
Twenty One Pilots
Ghost B.C.

Content Created By: Zackio Motors, Studios, Studios X, Models, Chrysalis Motors, and Studios

My Popular Game: 4520 Tradewinds Place (REMASTERED)

New Game: 90 Brodie Mountain Road (Coming Soon!)

My BFF's:
Slothkid21 (The Top G Replacing Andrew Tate)
ProDave25- (The Nicest Guy U'll Ever Meet)
ProKaty08 (A Sibling Of ProDave, Over All They Both Pretty Nice And Did Pretty Good With Their Modeling)
Ckaf Yer (A Guy Who Likes Flags, I Think)
2sP (HE ONLY DRINKS WaTeR, And Having Baby Deoras As Pets)
_apex_strikermaster_ (making fnaf/fnac content)
.Chaos. (possibly returned)
halos.117 (possibly returned)

Things what i hate:
Cheat* tool users
Hackers (100% toxic)
People who treat me like a slave
Furry Haters
My Life (Just Kidding)
LGBTQ+ Haters (Kill The Hate With Prideful)

Thats The End Of My Bio, Chous!
Wah Wee Woo Wee