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I am about to get slaughtered. . .

"Villians aren't always so obviously cut and dry. Sometimes it isn't just an evil looking monster that hates all good things deep down to the bone. Things can be complicated all the more reasons for me to find my friends. But you never know,I could be an illusion. An illusion that can't be twisted or turned, but unable to stay in one state. But, je pense que donc je suis"


Name: Zelda (no real name going to tell ok)
Age: nope, simultaneous coming at ya >:v
B'day: 16th June
Bf: Delsin <3
Me have a twin called Sunset_Phoenix
I have powers >:)
Siblings: James, -_Alex The Savage_-
zodiac sign: Gemini
I play the violin (grade 6)
favorite subjects: math, science and music uwu
languages i can speak: Sinhalese, french, some Spanish, English, some Hindi and Tamil
What else do you want?