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Hi,guys! My name is Ayesha Farooq and my channel's name is Ayesha Farooq vlogs 2! Please subscribe to it,turn on the post notifications,like all my videos then let me know either in one of my videos' comments or either directly to me and then I'll give you a shoutout! Btw,I hope you guys like me as a friend and enjoy playing games with me! P.S: Let me know if you guys want me to make a video on your choice,I mean,why am I a YouTuber if I don't go with my fans' choices? So be free to let me know if you want me to make a video on any of your choice!

Date of birth/year: 24th November,2007
Where I live: Malaysia
Where I'm from: Malaysia
Religion: Islam
Siblings' usernames: AhmedOmerMuhammad,Monda Bot,lazylazy3,AhmedOmerMuhammad1 and AhmedOmerMuhammad.
Other usernames: Song Yuqi and Park Chaeyang
Best friends: All of them.(I love all my friends equally)
Favourite colours: Pink and black
Type of music I watch: Kpop
Favourite boy band: BTS
Favourite song they made: Blood Sweat and Tears
Favourite girl band: Itzy
Favourite song they made: Dalla Dalla

Videos: 1. How to make your team win in KoGaMa's PVPs
2. I reacted to Morgz for the first time!

Here's the link to my first video:

Here's the link to my second video:

Kind of videos I make: Reacting and Gaming
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Please help me by watching the following channels and keeping me updated in solving the clues and in decoding messages that are written in PZ languages:

Matt and Rebbeca
Rebecca Zamolo
Stephen Sharer
Carter Sharer
Lizzy Sharer
Vy Qwaint
Chad Wild Clay
Exposing Project Zorgo
Project Zorgo

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Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!