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-No me pidas oro o te elimino instantáneamente / Do not ask me for gold or I'll delete you.
-No me causes Cringe (especialmente si eres Gacha, Army o Grasoso / Don't act in a Cringy way in front of me...

La cuenta de mi Ancestr@ / The account of my dark past:

English Version:
Old Names or Accounts: finn54(2014-2015) jorgeMCT/___TC____/tombstone1234 (2015-2017) - T C - / T C / .TC./._____.._____.(2017-2018) .TazitadeCafe./MagicCup (2018-Now)

Hi! My name is MagicCup (My Ancestor was TC, but I hate him because he was a dumbass adicted to Lolis Hentai)

Game of the week ✔:
Super Mario 64 DS

Model of the Week X:
Avatar of the Week X:

Real Name: Jorge (George)
Country: Peru
Age: 15
Favourite Sport: Volleyball
Favourite Games: Battle Cats, KoGaMa, AC Pocket Camp, SSF2, MK8D, and SSBU
Do you have a console?: Yes (Nintendo Switch and PSX)
Parents: Jorge (George) and Dalila (Dalia)
Favourite Snacks: Peanut and Raisins 7 w 7
Old Waifus: Coco Bandicoot, Kassia (Monster Legends), Neneko (Battle Cats), Twinstars, Thundia and Liru.
Why do I have Isabelle as avatar? Easy, because my most favourite Smash character is Isabelle, other favorite characters and Mr.G&W, Villager, King K. Rool, Captain Falcon, Lucario, and Ice Climbers.
First Anime: Etotama
First Hentai: 300 Yen no Otsukiai
First Hentai Game: Wolf Girl to You
First Videogame: Crash Bandicoot
First Waifu: Coco Bandicoot

Best Friends:
- undertale - (Furry-Funny-Trap Megaman)
SloopyChico (Funny Inkling Boy)
YAXD (Octoling Boi)
macarena villasantii ( 20%Cringe 80%Great Friend)

White List:

Black List:
LVL9 CPU Lucina
Some 4-Star Spirits from Spirit Board
Golden Mushroom Spirit (vs Golden Sonic)
My Shyness IRL

Well, I think that's all now... Bye : (•>)/

Emoticons that I'll use / Caritas que usaré

: (•>)
(‿ ͡° ( ͜• ͡)°)‿)
: '(•<)
: (•v)
> : (•v)
:' (•>)

Mi Vocabulario:
ah ya = Me vale verga
nopor = Porno
taihen = Hentai
loli neko = Peligro
te pongo en 4 / en 4= SSJ4
Spam Reflect = Anti cadena de mensajes
Wavedash = Hack de velocidad
Rasho lazer = Putazo
L A N D M A S T E R = Voy a activar mis hacks > : (•v)
Cañita de Pescar = De aqui no te escapas pendejo > : (•v)
Globitos = Me voy a la verga/mierda
Mi maceta :'v = Mi pareja : '(•<)