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*go into my bio with a knife and a gun* welcome. please read before you send me a friend request. I don't accept people that did not read my bio. I will decline you if you don't read. if I declined you, then this tells me that you did not read. don't accept me again until you read my bio. I declined hackers, people who don't speak english, people who call me noob, bullies, people who won't leave me alone, people who looked weird people that want me to do something that I don't want to do, people who won't shut up, people that look like stranger to me and people that want me to date with someone. if I unfriended or declined you, then I will be your worst nightmare. ok let get it started. my first name is Elijah and my last name is Siriboury. Elijah is my real name in real life and kogama. you can also call me Eli for my short name. I live in Gardner, Kansas. I had my older brother named Justin. Justin in 12 years old. I am 11 years old. born: 1-31-08. I'm a 5th grader. I am a demon hybrid. I am also a eagle. I will kill you if you are mean to me or my friends. you know I can't fight, but trust me, I will fight ya if you are mean to me or my friend. best friend: Celaena S, Danyy315, _.-Dark Angel-._ and etc. now you can send me a friend request. that it. see ya. *kill and shoot the viewers* *leave my bio*