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Hi everyone I liked to play Kogama and roblox :)
Age 16
My birthday May 18
Country am from Sri Lanka
I live country in Sri Lanka
My cousin name is Kate and Juni
My cousin From But they are Half Sri lanka and Phillipines well but theres no need to say lol but its fine
My school name Al Noor Training Centre.
Good friends HERO2FAST597HIROMASTER AND KAYAK AND FKKFDIKD AND xXDragon King ** and KaZeX and miss claus Ghostrider 123 dont stop me wolfy ** nightmare ** and KUD2Z and XxWither Skeleton ** and Golden V wolf and swagmaster and christian j rodriguez thats Thank you very Much kind friends ^_^ Mwah!! Kogama friends. __ԋҽɾσ2ϝαʂƚ597DINAL__
Friday night funkin I play mods in the computer and I played funky friday in roblox. I have a channel Subscribe to me its Hero2fast in youtube. Bye