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Joined KoGaMa on Sep 28, 2018

Hi, Yes your here to see why am i leaving kogama:
I might soon had to remove everyone cause everyones leaving kogama and
The website might be useless for me. The problem is That everyone is leaving kogama,
And i don't wanna be the alone one whoever is not online, It might be a BIG BIG BIG Problem. So yeah...I dont know what to say more But i think You guys will be sad, Cause i think i'll come In KoGaMa While is 2020. Yeah long long months to wait, But i Might Actually I wont really just Create like avatars and models, You know the problem right? Everyone in my friendlist are almost leaving, I think their friends too, So my opinion is that everyone will leave KoGaMa (If administration Would see this question or this BIO, I think the Delevoper Will fix it I don't know But thats the only thing I could Think.) Here are some questions:
1 Why is everyone leaving KoGaMa: I dont Know but KoGaMa Might turn out boring. NOTHING Did wrong in my friendlist whoever is leaving KoGaMa,
Yeah theres a only one question If your my friend and want to ask me some questions