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Joined KoGaMa on Nov 30, 2018

:>i like to make good friend who can care me!
:>i like so much bun cakes but not non veg xd i m veg
:>smiling is my life oof i smile everytime sometimes when someone look at me too much i feel shy
:>favourite color:black,red,blue
:>i m prefer summer more
:>eye color favourite:blue ,black

:>favourite sports:cricket, badminton i play very good badminton

who is looking more down i pray his day will be more good than me><

:>i hate too much sour foods i like icecreams><
:>look dont smile pls

:>ur smiling oof

:>favourite friends:lovely the demon, love huxon,kitty,XxCreepypasta_Albino6669
,XAvisbklimXand not GHOST i like my all friends and hope they always smile
:>dont try to hurt me or make me angry then you will not fine
:>my hair is black

your eyes tell me that you''ll love me everyday.. no matter what may come.
you''ll be there to stay.
.you always know just what to say just talking to you
makes my day.

goodbye!hope you likexd

you still here come at my home then we talk together xd

good bye.