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Joined KoGaMa on Dec 11, 2018

Hello old and new friends!
Nickname: Beban2017 (it's another profile which calls Beban_2018)
Name and surname in real life: Nebojša Pantić
Joined: August 13th 2017 another profile joined September 2nd, 3rd profile, Beban2019, joined in 11 Dec 2018, because i began to claim free golds, because i must buy everything when I create games
Age: 13
From/lives in: Serbia, in village Ševarice
Bornt in: Šabac, January 1st 2006, in 7:35am
Speaks: English, Serbian, sometimes French (if i have got friends from France)
Favourite games in KoGaMa: Adopt a Son... CreateYourHouse, 2 Players Tron Parkour, GTA VI, Love Land 43, Baldi's Basics... World Racing, Ice Park, War 4, Kizi Adventure, Mars Mission, KoGaMa Parkour, 4 Players Parkour, Kizi Parkour, Granny v. 1.5, Grandmother Granny, The Elevator v.1.6, GTA V Online KoGaMa, Vehicle Simulator, KoGa School, Train Transport, Wipeout KoGaMa, KoGaMa International Stadium, Escape from HARD Prison, Vex 3, OSTRY, etc...

PVP: 80%
Parkours: 85%
Building houses 100% (I am pro in that)
Race: 75%
Building projects: 90%


1st, don't call me noob (it equals for my new friends, and when i have got noob hat)
2nd, no banning me (it equals just for tuntia15 who banned some my friends)
3rd, play OSTRY So i recommended for you. LEAVE LIKE FOR GAME!
4th, I don't like noobs who the can't help me
5th, If you delete me, I won't accept friend request!
6th, If I can catch Internet by my neighbour, I will go to KoGaMa and Roblox
My favourite games: Roblox, Baldi's Basics (i love version 1.3.2, now i am playing 1.4.1), Baldina's Basics (not Basis, because it's mistake) in Education of Litterature Grammar and Learning (I think it's a full name of games), Playtime's Swapped Basics (it's a mode by Baldi's Basics, in this game you can use cheats, but in Baldi's Basics not. Press tab in Playtime's Swapped Basics to open/close cheat)
READ IT! I will update description when i think about new favourite games